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Prof. Filip De Ly



Filip De Ly (born July 13, 1959) teaches private international law, comparative law and international business law and is doing research on international business law and international commercial arbitration.


Professor De Ly has written 5 books (including his dissertation International business law and lex mercatoria, Amsterdam, North Holland 1992 and his inaugural address in Dutch on the European Union and private law harmonization) and co-authored/edited 6 books including a book on The place of arbitration. He published some 110 articles in the field of international business law, international commercial arbitration, conflict of laws, comparative law and EC business law. Also, he published 16 case notes and some fifty reports and book reviews.

He is frequently retained as counsel, expert witness or arbitrator in international commercial arbitrations and often gives legal opinions with regard to international business law problems. He acted in more than one hundred and seventy arbitrations in the capacity of expert witness, sole arbitrator (44 cases), co-arbitrator (60 cases) or chairman of the arbitral tribunal (51 cases). These arbitration proceedings were conducted as ad hoc arbitrations or under various institutional schemes (including ICC, Uncitral, LCIA, ICDR, Netherlands Arbitration Institute, CEPANI, Danish Institute of Arbitration, Singapore International Arbitration Centre, Bucharest International Chamber of Commerce, Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration). The subject matter of these arbitrations ranged from sales, construction and distribution contracts to joint ventures, energy projects and post-M&A disputes. He also has been involved in State Contract and foreign investment arbitrations.



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