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Board of Trustees Meeting

4th Board of Trustees Meeting, 22nd - 23rd of April 2006

BOT members:

  • Professor Martin Hunter (Chairman)
  • Dr. Nael Bunni HE Salah Heijailan
  • Mr. Charles Adams
  • Mr. Michael Hwang
  • Dr. Jaques el Hakim
  • Dr. Fathi Kemicha
  • Dr. Donald Bunker
  • Mr. Dalmuk Mohamed Dalmuk
  • Mr. Abdullah Saleh
  • Dr. Ali Hadithi
  • Dr. Habib Al Mulla
  • Dr. Hamza Haddad
  • Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed Ibrahim
  • Dr. Hadif Al Owais

Director of DIAC:

  • Dr. Hussam Talhuni

DIAC staff:

  • Ms. Mackenzie McGrew (BOT coordinator)
  • Ms. Hana Al Shaali (DIAC legal department)

The Board of trustees consists of 21 members from various locations and varying backgrounds (i.e. law and academia) that are highly qualified in the field of arbitration. The members meet a minimum of twice every year to discuss and make decisions regarding selected issues for the betterment of the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC).

The fourth board of trustees meeting was held April 22-23, 2006 in the Chamber of Commerce meeting room. Among the major issues dealt with and finalized was the completion of the DIAC arbitration rules which are currently under revision. It was decided by Professor Hunter, Chairman of the DIAC board of trustees, that all revisions given during the meeting with regard to the rules was to be considered final and shall be submitted to the editors in order to complete and issue the finalized version.

Another major issue addressed at the meeting was the finalization of the newly reformatted membership applications (Membership, Expert and Arbitrator).

The board also discussed its desire for Dubai to become party to the New York Convention referring to it as a benefit to all in Dubai.

The final topic of discussion was the possibility of creating a training program for informational purposes with regard to arbitration in Dubai. Currently DIAC is discussing this option with representatives of Kings College and hopes to come to a final decision on the style and opportunities to be available via such an endeavor.

We look forward to seeing the already decided upon decisions put into action as well as hearing the new ideas that will contribute to the DIAC's growth.

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