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Conference Report
"Maritime Dispute Resolution- Dubai 2005"

Title: Maritime Dispute Resolution-Dubai 2005 
Date: 13th – 14th of June 2005 
Venue: Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC) organized this event with the aim creating an international conference that would bring highly esteemed maritime industry experts from all over the world to examine maritime dispute resolution procedures, with an emphasis on the Middle Eastern region. The conference was designed to provide an opportunity to develop a network of experts in the region for arbitration and mediation, in addition to providing a forum to discuss topical maritime subjects and developments, and obstacles to efficient and effective conflict settlement in the Middle East and how to overcome them.

The hosts of this occasion where the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI), in cooperation with the German Maritime Arbitration Association (GMAA). The DIAC is extremely grateful to the Dubai Chamber of Commerce for there support and feels the importance of presenting such events in conjunction with other internationally well know arbitration entities, such as the GMAA, is of utmost importance as this centre is designed to provide international service. We look forward to further work with the GMAA or other equally well known establishments in the future.

The conference attracted an average of over 150 International and domestic delegates from a wide range of backgrounds and professions including professional advisors, dispute resolution practitioners, academics and policy makers. Many had existing or potential commercial interests in the region and where looking to make further connections. Overall the delegates present found the topics presented to be useful and informative and particularly enjoyed the evening events.

Media Coverage: 
The details of the conference was presented to the region via many well respected press figures including Gulf News, Al Khaleej, Al Bayaan and Al Etihad.

Principal Sponsors

  • FThe Law Firm of Majed M. Garoub
  • Al Tamimi & Company
  • Habib Al Mulla & Company


  • Stephenson Harwood International Law firm
  • Al Suwaidi & Company
  • Dubai Maritime City
  • Kanaan & Azhari
  • Maamoun Alkhouli & Associates
  • Fichte & Co.

Introductory Note: 
The conference took place alongside the second Board of Trustees meeting which covered an array of topics and discussion that contributed to the betterment of the Dubai International Arbitration Centre.

The conference began with a welcome speech presented by Abdulrahman G. Al Mutaiwee, Director General of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce who opened the DIAC in May 2003.

A key note speech was delivered by Professor Martin Hunter discussing the significant attributes of Dubai that make this city ideal as a hub of arbitration.

Topics & speakers 

  • Panel 1 13th June. 2005 
    Dr. Donald Bunker 
    Managing Partner Donald H. Bunker & Associates International Law 

    Dr. Friedrich Strube 
    Chairman of the German Maritime Arbitration Association (GMAA) 
    "Difference between arbitration and mediation" 

    Essam Al Tamimi 
    Managing Partner- Al Tamimi & Co. 
    "Overview of Arbitration in Dubai" 

    Samir Kanaan 
    Managing Partner- Kanaan & Azhari 
    "The role of Dubai in ship owning and dispute resolution"  
  • Panel 2 13th June, 2005 
    Director of Habib Al Mulla & Co., Vice chairman of the board of Trustees 

    Dr. Ali Ibrahim Al-Emam 
    Justice-Dubai Court of Cassation 
    "The Arbitration Clause in the Decisional Law of Dubai Court of Cassation" 

    Dr. Osama Nachef 
    Director- Osama Nachef & Associates 
    "Bill of Lading According to Charter Party" 

    Jasmin Fichte 
    In house Legal Counsel- Heath Lambert 
    "How to overcome the hurdles towards a functioning maritime arbitration in the United Arab Emirates" 

    Dieter Griebel 
    FICS Secretary General of the German Maritime Arbitration Association (GMAA) 
    "Criteria for Arbitrators and Mediators in Maritime Matters" 
  • MOCK CASE 13TH JUNE, 2005-06-19 
    Presented by GMAA
    "Damage to Cargo during Voyage" 

    Closing remarks given by Richard HP Jowett  
  • PANEL1 14TH JUNE, 2005 
    Hussain Al Jaziri 
    Partner Ja'afar Alwan, Al Jaziri & Associates 

    Christopher Mills 
    Partner- Clyyde & Co. 
    "Mediation of Maritime & International Trade Disputes- Getting Started" 

    Yazan Saoudi 
    Partner- Al Tamimi & Co. 
    "Claims for cargo damage" 

    Madhu M. 
    Group Legal Manager- Rais Hassan Saadi Group 
    "Economical means for Resolving Maritime Disputes through Arbitration"

    Jan Woelper 
    Vice Chairman of the GMAA 
    "The Importance of Incorporating of Charter Party Arbitration Clause in the Bill of Lading"
  • PANEL 2 14TH JUNE, 2005 
    Majed M. Garoub 
    Director of the law firm of Majed M. Garoub 

    Bruce Harris 
    Ex. President of London Maritime Arbitrators Association, 
    Ex. Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Arbiitrators 
    "The Increasing use of Interim and (or Partial) Awards in Maritime Disputes" 

    Dr. Dieter Armbrust 
    "Carriage of Goods Disputes" 

    Richard Briggs 
    Partner-Lebuhn & Puchta 
    "Maritime Cases Suitable for Mediation" 

    Closing remarks given by Dr. Hussam Al Talhuni 

Social events: 
On the first night of the conference the delegates were treated to a gala dinner at the Emirates Towers Ball Room. It was an opportunity for delegates and non-delegates to mingle and interact with both national and international contacts.

General feedback: 
The general consensus was good with room for improvement in areas such as translation as well as a request that the papers of speakers be given in both Arabic and English.

On the last day of the conference the attendees where pleased to be presented with gifts and certificates of appreciation and the promise that the next conference and events will be above and beyond what is to be expected even though all where quite pleased with the accommodations they received.

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