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International Effect of Arbitral Awards
“International Effect of Arbitral Awards"

Date:   30th of April 2007 
Venue:   Conference hall, 13th floor –  Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI)

Organized by:

Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC)

In cooperation with

International Council of Commercial Arbitration (ICCA)

Brief Summery about the Organizers:

Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC)

The centre has been established on 1994 under the name of “Commercial Arbitration & Reconciliation Centre” to become “Dubai International Arbitration Centre”, a permanent non-profiteering authority aiming at providing commercial arbitration and reconciliation, disputes resolution via arbitration. The centre is also aiming at providing arbitrators of high efficiency and persons who are well-informed of the rules of international arbitration of different nationalities and specializations.

 Dubai International Arbitration Centre
“Efficient, flexible and impartial dispute resolution”

Situated in one of the world’s leading business centers, the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC) offers high caliber dispute resolution services and facilities to the region and abroad.

Since opening, DIAC has established itself as a world-class arbitration centre providing high quality at affordable rates. DIAC offers a variety of services; assisting parties by overseeing arbitral proceedings, possibly in their own ultra-modern establishment, appointing arbitrators and fixing the fees of arbitrators and conciliators.

DIAC has continuously updated its services to meet the needs of practitioners. Developments include the formation of new relationships, the launch of a website, developed the E-system and the establishment of different categories of membership and publication of an international journal “DIAC Journal – Arbitration in the Middle East”.

As a driving force behind the promotion of arbitration in the Middle East, DIAC has been organizing numerous roundtable discussions, conferences, seminars and workshops on different aspects of arbitration. In addition to this, DIAC is playing an active role in developing UAE law in relation to arbitration and further bridging the gap between arbitration and the judicial system.

International Council of Commercial Arbitration (ICCA)

The International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA) is the leading world-wide organization devoted to promoting international arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution. In order to carry out its purposes, ICCA regularly convenes Congresses and Conferences for presentation of papers and discussion of topics concerning both the scientific and practical aspects of international dispute resolution. ICCA's principal publications, prepared with the assistance of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, include the Yearbook Commercial Arbitration, the International Handbook on Commercial Arbitration and the ICCA Congress Series, consisting of the collected papers presented at ICCA meetings. ICCA is governed by Council Members, who are recognized specialists in the field of dispute resolution and who serve in their individual capacities

Summery on the Seminar

This seminar has been organized for half day on 30th of April 2007 in concurrence with the visit of the ICCA delegation to the U.A.E as the DIAC hosted the annual meeting of the council members on 1st of May 2007 in the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry building.

The mentioned seminar has also been held in concurrence with the 6th meeting appointment for the DIAC Board of Trustees, held on 2nd of May 2007.

This seminar focused on the importance of joining the Conventions of commercial arbitration, as well as it focused, in particular, on the U.A.E entry to the New York Convention for International Arbitration.

 First Session

The Role of International Treaties in Assuring the Effectiveness of Arbitral Awards in International Commerce.

1) Overview of the Historical Framework of International Treaties on the Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards.

2) An Arab Perspective on the Role of International Treaties in International Commercial Arbitration.

3) The 1958 New York Convention.

4) Regional Treaties in the Arab Middle East.

Panel Discussion/Audience Participation led by Moderator

 Second Session

The Role of National Arbitration Laws and Arbitral Institutions in Assuring the Effectiveness of Arbitral Awards in International Commerce.

1) The Requirements of National Arbitration Legislation to         Make International Arbitration Effective.

2) Current National Arbitration Legislation in the Arab Middle

3) The UNCITRAL Model Law.

4) Importance of Arbitral Institutions in Assuring the    
    Effectiveness of Awards.


Attendants and Participants:

The seminar has been inaugurated by H.E Mr. Hamad Buamim, Director General of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI), who welcomed the guests and participants in this seminar by delivering an opening speech.  Prof. Martin Hunter, Chairman of DIAC Board of Trustees Chairman has also participated in the opening speech. Mr. Gerald Herman, the chairman of ICCA also participated in the opening speech.

Members of DIAC Board of Trustees, ICCA members also participated in the seminar plus a great number of high-profile specialists in the law and commercial arbitration, senior judges and judicial institutes students and others whereas the number of participants exceeded over 150 persons.

Social Functions related to the seminar:

The DIAC always aims at achieving the best benefits from the functions by the participants as well it is highly careful to provide an opportunity for creating business relations through the interaction with relation network composing of high-profile specialists  including lawyers , attorneys, arbitrators and judges.

Based on this goal, DIAC organizes the social functions including lunch parties, business dinner for creating better interaction chances among the participants in order to exchange the experiences, extend bridges of communication and information exchange. DIAC organized a lunch party at the day of the seminar, hosted by Diera hall in Creek Sheraton Hotel in a very nice environment characterized by good hospitality and cordial meetings. 

        Media Coverage

The seminar has been met by massive media coverage by local and international mass media as it attracted all other means of media which were careful to provide a comprehensive media coverage for the seminar. Mass media seized the opportunity to host the organizers, speakers and high-profile characters who attended the seminar in TV interviews and reportages concerning the subject off the seminar, level of participation and others questions reflecting on the press mass media great interest in the subject of the seminar.



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