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DIAC Annual Associate Membership Luncheon - Report
Dubai International Arbitration Centre launches New E-Services
The first of its kind initiative amongst arbitration centres in the region
Dubai International Arbitration Centre(DIAC), launched new e-services to its associate members that will add a new dimension to the online services provided by the Centre to the business community in Dubai and the region.
The launch of the new e-services took place during the recent roundtable discussion organized by the Centre for its associate members from over 20 countries. The new e-services launched include membership directory, e-library and a chat networking service that connects all DIAC associate members.
DIAC members now can view online other associate members’ profiles and contact numbers and this works towards enhancing communication and information exchange amongst members.
The e-library offers a wide selection of specialized Arabic and English books, journals and articles that are related to commercial arbitration. This new service is the first of its kind among arbitration centres in the region.
DIAC’s website offers online networking opportunities for its members through live chat which will help reduce the gap between the members and assist in achieving the objective of DIAC in raising awareness on the importance of commercial arbitration in our modern business environment.
The new e-services launched makes DIAC the 1st arbitration Centre in the region to provide such distinguished services to the business community in the region.
Dr. Hussam Talhuni, Director, DIAC maintained that the new added e-services will enhance DIAC’s reputation as one of the leading arbitration centres in the region, pointing out that these services will assist the Centre in promoting commercial arbitration as a quick and effective tool for settling commercial disputes.
“DIAC is committed to enhancing its services to come in line with the continuous development of the business community and provide the best commercial arbitration services that match the global reputation Dubai has achieved,” Dr. Talhuni added.
After the speech of Dr. Talhuni, Mr. Nizar Sardast, General Advisor of Dubai Chamber of Commerce address the audience with brief speech about the importance of arbitration to the recent business developed environment , then Mr. Antoine Akl, DIAC honaranyr member.
Then started the Q & A session, all participate asked many important questions and the active discussion lasted for a while, to be included in a lunch gathering after the end of the workshop.
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