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Practical Training for prospective Arbitrators


     Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC) organizes a three-day interactive workshop on International Commercial Arbitration.

Dubai, UAE:The Dubai International Arbitration Center, a Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry initiative, in association with the Centre for Transnational Law (CENTRAL)based at University of Cologne School of Law, Germany, organised a training course on Practical Techniques for Handling Commercial Arbitration Cases at the Chamber premises from September 20 to 22.
The interactive course that lays out the basics of arbitration and other forms of Alternate Dispute Resolution is designed with the aim of expanding the participants’ knowledge in the field of International Commercial Arbitration while further contributing towards his/her self development in becoming a prospective arbitrator by practicing oral pleadings or examining witnesses.
In response to the widespread use of arbitration for resolving disputes in international business.
The three-day interactive workshops and mock exams, offered a unique opportunity to the practitioners who wish to develop their skills in commercial arbitration as participants got a very realistic picture of the practice of international arbitration under the guidance of highly experienced professionals.
Professor Dr. Klaus Peter Berger of the Centre for Transnational Law, University of Cologne and Victor Leginsky, DIAC-listed arbitrator, conducted the course that was attended by lawyers, government officials, business executives, advanced young practitioners and others wishing to familiarize themselves with the different dispute resolution techniques.
Said Dr Hadef Al Owais, Acting Director and Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee of DIAC, “The training course comes as part of Dubai International Arbitration Centre’s efforts in introducing the unique aspects of international commercial arbitration in Dubai and to promote the latest means of resolving trade disputes which will go a long way in stimulating the business environment in the Emirate.
He further stated that the course that included highly practical and interactive teaching concepts is inspired by a similar course introduced last year which attracted a lot of participants especially those interested in international arbitration as the extensive course provided them a realistic picture of the practice of dispute resolution.
Added Dr Al Owais, "This course, being the first of its kind in the Arab world, is instrumental in training the participants with the roles of arbitrators, lawyers and representatives of the disputing parties. As the practical course is based on case scenario, the attendees get the opportunity to practice oral pleadings and examination of witnesses and to monitor the performance of others on the video. The course is supported by informative books and papers containing the summary and explanation of the case under study.
The training course that dealt with dispute resolution clause, governing laws and writing of memorials and briefs was divided into three practical sessions on the role of the parties and of the institution along with delivery techniques and the Art of Persuasion, preparations of pleading on counterclaim and deliberation of tribunal verdict including fast track and other techniques for avoiding time and cost in arbitration.
The course came as part of the ongoing efforts of the Dubai International Arbitration Centre to promote the importance of commercial arbitration and alternative means to resolve commercial disputes in laying the foundations of a healthy and productive work environment in the Emirate.
The participants were presented course completion certificates at the end of the three-day extensive training programme.

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