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DIAC presents a realistic picture of int'l arbitration


Dubai International Arbitration Centre training course presents a realistic picture of international arbitration

Three-day interactive workshops help practitioners develop skills in commercial arbitration

Dubai, UAE: The Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC), a Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry initiative, concluded a three-day specialised course on Practical Techniques for Handling International Commercial Arbitration on Wednesday.

The course, organised in association with the Centre for the Transnational Law (CENTRAL) University of Cologne, Germany, at the Centre’s premises from September 17 to 19, consisted of highly practical and interactive teaching concepts, and interactive workshops which introduced the unique aspects of settling international commercial disputes to lawyers and non-lawyers.

Prof. Nassib G. Ziadé, Director, DIAC, said that the 

organisation of this important training course has promoted the Dubai International Arbitration Centre globally as a reputable centre for resolving commercial disputes in line with best international arbitration standards.

With its objective of familiarising the participants with the latest practices in international commercial arbitration, the workshops contributed towards the attendees’ self-development in becoming prospective arbitrators while honing their knowledge in both the law and the practice of alternative dispute resolution means.

Prof Ziadé observed said that the highly practical and interactive course provided an insight into the practicing of international commercial arbitration.

Conducted by Professor Dr. Klaus Peter Berger, of CENTRAL, University of Cologne, and Mr. Victor Leginsky, a Dubai-based Chartered Arbitrator, the training course included videos of attending workshop leaders explaining the role of arbitrators in a practical way, and practicing oral pleadings.

The training course extensively dealt with various topics, including the preparation of opening statements on the merits and on jurisdiction, as well as hearing witnesses. It also provided practical knowledge of dealing with international commercial arbitration from start to finish.

The participants were also given a rundown of the definition of specific legal terms and procedures as well as the basic overview of the effects, significance and scope of arbitration laws and rules, and best practice rules such as the IBA Rules on Taking of Evidence in International Arbitration.

The training course came as part of the Dubai International Arbitration Centre’s efforts in introducing the unique aspects of international commercial arbitration in Dubai and promoting the latest means in resolving commercial disputes which will stimulate the business environment in Dubai.


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