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Diff. being an Associate Member and Listed Arbitrator



What is the difference between being an Associate Member and/or being a Listed Arbitrator/Expert?

DIAC offers to professionals interested in International Commercial Dispute Resolution two ways of being associated with the Centre.

Experienced International Arbitrators

DIAC keeps a list of top qualified arbitrators, who can be appointed by parties to commercial disputes to serve as arbitrators. The center may also select such arbitrators from the list if no agreement has been reached between the parties.

Established arbitrators may apply to be accepted in DIAC's List of Arbitrators. In order to maintain the highest industry standards, this elite group of professionals with extensive experience in the field of International Commercial Arbitration is carefully selected from the numerous applications we receive.

If you are qualified according to DIAC standards then you will be accepted as a DIAC listed arbitrator. 

Accredited Arbitrators listed with the DIAC are not required to pay a fee for being listed in the center’s Arbitration List; however, listed arbitrators will not be able enjoy the same advantages granted to associate members, unless he/she submits a separate application for Associate Membership and pays the membership fees.

Associate Members

Associate Membership is open to all applicants who are interested in the field of international commercial arbitration and who already meet the requirements specified in the section of the membership brochure titled Qualification for Membership.

Associate Members have access to special Membership advantages which include valuable networking opportunities and numerous resources for professional development.

Acquiring Associate Membership with the centre does not in any way imply that an Associate Member is a practicing/accredited arbitrator nor does it imply he/she is a listed arbitrator with the DIAC. With the exception of DIAC Listed Arbitrators accredited by the centre, having previously received an official letter of acceptance, Associate Members are not permitted to conduct themselves in a manner that will mislead others to believe Associate Members are accredited arbitrators with the DIAC.


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