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DIAC Membership Fees


DIAC Membership dues are 1200 AED  per individual, per year beginning on the 1st January to 31st December. This equates to AED 100 per month.

To make the renewal process simple Annual Memberships will be renewed every January 1st for the entire year.

Applications submitted during the year will correspond  to the month of membership acceptance, for example:

Join in March: Annual Membership 100 x 9 = 900dhs
(Membership starting in April)
Applications submitted in the second half of the year
(July - December) will be accumulated with the other coming year,
for example:
Join in July:
Annual Membership 100 x 6 = 600dhs + 1200 AED = 1800 AED

This amount covers all DIAC membership advantages, including:

  • Listing in the member directory;
  • Membership certificate;
  • Discounted registration fees for selected DIAC training courses & conferences;
  • Complimentary annual subscription to the DIAC journal-Arbitration in the Middle East;
  • Access to DIAC library
  • Exclusive access to a “Members Zone” on the DIAC Website

It is an investment that is more than compensated by the benefits of DIAC membership and supports the activities of one of the region's leading international arbitration centre. Please join us.

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