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Qualification For Membership


All professionals from all nationalities and levels of experience in Dispute Resolution are welcome.


Associate membership at DIAC is open to all interested professionals, including attorneys, legal experts in every specialization, engineers, accountants, businessmen, representatives of commercial and trading organisations, international arbitrators, mediators, and experts in all fields.

Applicants must meet the following standards in order to be considered for membership:

  • Membership in DIAC is conferred upon an applicant previously approved by the Board of Trustees, and who remains eligible for membership through payment of annual dues.
  • Membership implies all members meet the minimum criteria required for membership.
  • The applicant would have demonstrated an interest in the field of dispute resolution or have attained general recognition through scholarly publication or other activities in the field.
  • The applicant will be of good moral character, as demonstrated by adherence to sound ethical standards in professional activities.


  • An applicant will be granted membership based on the information provided by his/her application.
  • DIAC reserves the right to ask an applicant for further and better particulars of his/her application and/or the necessary amount of payment in settlement of the prescribed fee.
  • If for whatever reason, an application for membership is unsuccessful, the accompanying payment fees will be refunded to the applicant.

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