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DIAC Conciliation & Arbitration Rules 1994
Committee for Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration

Article (10)
The Board shall form the Committee from its members in accordance with the internal regulations of the Chamber. Members of the Committee, who shall be at least five, shall elect a chairman and a vice-chairman.

Article (11)
The term for membership in the Committee shall be two years, which is the term of the appointment to the Board. In the event of the expiry of such term or the termination of the member’s membership in the Board for any reason, his membership in the Committee shall be legally terminated taking into consideration the provisions of Article 17 of these Rules.

Article (12)
The suits of the Committee shall be in the Chamber. It shall convene as necessary by a summons from its chairman or vice-chairman, or from the president of the Board in the event of their absence for any reason.

Article (13)
  1. A quorum for the Committee is attained by the presence of a majority of its members.
  2. The chairman or vice chairman of the Committee shall preside over its meeting, and in the event of their absence the Committee shall elect from among its members a chairman for the meeting.
  3. The meetings and deliberations of the Committee shall be confidential, Its decisions shall be issued by the vote of a majority of those present, and in the event of a tie of votes the chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote. The chairman of the meeting shall sign the decisions.

Article (14)
No member may attend or participate in the activities of the Committee while handling any matter if he is a party thereto or has a direct or indirect interest therein, or if he is a relative of one of the disputants by blood or marriage to the fourth degree, or if he is an agent of one of them in his private business or his legal representative, guardian or custodian. In all cases the member of the Committee must disclose any of such involvements when it occurs.

Article (15)
The jurisdiction of the Committee, in connection with the implementation of these Rules, shall be as follows :
  1. Selecting one or more conciliators in accordance with the provisions of Article (17) or these Rules.
  2. Appointing one or more arbitrators or the Chairman of the Arbitral Tribunal in accordance with the provision of Article 18 of these Rules.
  3. Fixing the place of arbitration in the event the parties do not agree thereto.
  4. Rendering decisions on petitions for reconsideration of the appointment of any of the arbitrators in accordance with the provisions of Article (30) of these Rules.
  5. Fixing the remunerations of the conciliators and the arbitrators, the general costs of the conciliation or the arbitration and the advance payment against such costs.
  6. Establishing lists of arbitrators and experts from within and outside the State in accordance with the applicable standards adopted by it.
  7. Establishing internal regulations it considers necessary for the application of these Rules.
  8. Proposing amendments it considers necessary for incorporation into these rules or any rules connected therewith.



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