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DIAC Conciliation & Arbitration Rules 1994
The Committee's Secretariat

Article (16)
The Committee shall have a Secretariat to undertake the following actions :

  1. Receiving and responding to applications for conciliation or arbitration and all documents concerning the dispute
  2. Notifying the other party to the dispute with the application for conciliation or arbitration
  3. Preparing the summary of the dispute and presenting to the Committee.
  4. Informing the parties to the dispute of the dates and places of the meetings, upon request from the Conciliation Panel or Arbitral Tribunal.
  5. Preparing and maintaining a register for applications for conciliation and arbitration which are referred to the Committee and maintaining the originals of the awards for reference thereto as necessary.
  6. Recording the minutes of the meeting of the Committee and, upon request, the minutes of the Conciliation panels or Arbitral Tribunals.
  7. Keeping the lists of arbitrators and names and addresses of experts and specialists in all appropriate economic and professional fields.


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