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Article (21)

  1. A party desiring conciliation shall submit a written application to the Committee’s Secretariat.
  2. The application shall include a presentation of the facts of the dispute and the views of the applicant together with the supporting documents.
  3. The Committee’s Secretariat shall notify the other party with the application for conciliation within a period not exceeding seven days from the date of the receipt thereof. The other party shall present his views with respect to the dispute within 15 days of the date he was informed of the application for conciliation.
  4. The Conciliation Panel shall be appointed by the Committee in accordance with the provisions of Article 17 of these Rules. The parties may object to the conciliator/s within two weeks of receiving notification of his/ their name/s. The conciliation proceeding shall commence immediately after expiration of this period.
  5. The Committee may request an advance payment against the costs of the conciliation in accordance with the provisions of Part Seven of these Rules.
  6. The Conciliation Panel shall study the dispute and summon the parties before it to hear their statements and each party shall attend personally or through a representative.
  7. The Conciliation Panel shall bring together the views of the parties, and upon their agreement on a final formula for the settlement it shall be recorded and authenticated by the Panel.
  8. The Conciliation Panel must accomplish its duties within two months of the commencement of the conciliation proceedings, but by a decision of the Committee this period may be extended for another similar period.

Article (22)
If the attempt of conciliation fails, the dispute shall be considered no more pending before the Chamber and the rights of the parties shall not be affected in any manner by what was presented or written during the course of the conciliation proceedings.

At the request of any of the parties, the Chamber shall issue a certificate stating that the dispute had been referred to it but that attempts for conciliation failed without giving any comment or opinion regarding the subject of the dispute.


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