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Dubai International Arbitration Centre Statute

Administration of The Centre

Article (17)
Administration staff

  1. The Centre shall be administrated by a director and subordinate administration staff as per an administrative structure proposed by the director and approved by the Committee. 
  2. Upon a nomination by the committee, the Board of Trustees shall appoint the Director of the Centre who should hold a post-graduate degree, specialized in arbitration.
  3. The Director of the Centre shall attend the meetings of the Board of Trustees and those of the Committee and shall participate in discussions but will have no right to vote.
  4. The Director shall act as the secretary of the meetings of the Board of Trustees and the Committee.
  5. The Director shall sign on behalf of the Centre the administrative and financial matters in accordance with the powers given to him by the by-laws of the Centre and the decisions issued by the Board of Trustees or the Committee.

Article (18)
Functions of the administration staff
Taking into consideration the duties and powers given to the Director of the Centre under the provisions of this Statute, the administration staff shall carry out the following duties:

  1. Providing the parties in dispute, upon their request, with the names of arbitrators, experts and specialists in dispute settlement, in accordance with their qualifications, experiences and specialties. 
  2. Receiving requests for conciliation or arbitration or other requests for the settlement of disputes along with relevant submissions and documents and delivering the same to the parties in dispute.
  3. Preparing a summary of the dispute and presenting the same to the Committee along with a copy of the request for arbitration.
  4. Preparing and keeping the record and files of requests for conciliation, arbitration and settling disputes submitted to the Centre and keeping the original version of the awards issued in that connection. 
  5. Informing the parties to the dispute of the dates and venues of sessions if so requested by the conciliation or arbitration panel.
  6. Providing secretarial, translation and filing services for the arbitration sessions as well as providing suitable arbitration venues.
  7. Providing information related to commercial arbitration and other methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution as well as explaining the actions taken for the settlement of disputes in accordance with the Rules of Conciliation and Arbitration or any other national or international rules.
  8. Developing necessary forms for facilitating procedures for conciliation and arbitration as well as other methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution.
  9. Keeping and updating the list of members of the Centre as well as their addresses and various specialties.
  10. Submitting reports to the Committee and the Board of Trustees on the tasks that have been completed and the future plans necessary for the realization of the objectives of the Centre.
  11. Submitting proposals for the development of arbitration and dispute settlement processes.
  12. Organizing elections of the Board of Trustees and the Committee in accordance with the provisions of this Statute.
  13. Recording the minutes of meeting of the Board of Trustees and the Committee.
  14. Publishing and supervising periodicals, bulletins and other publications of the Centre.
  15. Organizing and participating in symposia, lectures, training courses and workshops on the settlement of disputes and commercial arbitration.
  16. Cooperating with other national and international arbitration Centers in all fields that realize the objectives of the Centre including the exchange of expertise and lists of arbitrators and experts.
  17. Carrying out correspondence and communications for the realization of the objectives of the Centre.
  18. Carrying out the duties assigned to them by the Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee as well as other duties necessary for discharging the day-to-day business of the Centre.
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