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Dubai International Arbitration Centre Statute

Concluding Provisions

Article (23)
Confidentiality and Impartiality

  1. Meetings and deliberations of the Board of Trustees and the Committee shall be confidential. No member may attend the meeting or participate in discussing any dispute to which he is a party, has a direct or indirect interest therein, or where he acts as a legal attorney, guardian or administrator of the private business of either party. In all events, each member shall declare any of these cases whenever they occur.
  2. Neither the members of the Board of Trustees, any members of the Committee nor the administration staff shall divulge any information and/or documents related to the activities of the Centre.
  3. All information provided by the parties in dispute shall be considered confidential and all those who may have access to them shall not divulge the same unless under mutual agreement of both parties or upon the request of a competent judicial authority.
  4. The parties of the dispute may agree in writing to the appointment of one or more of the members of the Board of Trustees as conciliators or arbitrators.

Article (24)
Neither the Centre nor any of its employees, members of the Board of Trustees or members of any dispute settlement panel shall be held liable for any unintentional error in their work related to the settlement of disputes by the Centre.

Article (25)
Communications and Correspondences

  1. Any invitation or communication provided for under this Statute, by-laws, Rules of Conciliation and of Arbitration or any other procedures for the settlement of disputes shall be made in writing. It may be sent by fax, registered mail or any other form of electronic communication specified in the by-laws of the Centre.
  2. The communication shall take effect on the day following delivery to the person to whom the said communication is addressed.
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