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Frequently Asked Question


 What is a 'Request for Arbitration'?



 How are costs calculated?



 Does the DIAC provide a list of Arbitrators?



Your questions answered:



1. How much is the fee to register an Arbitration Case?


In order to register an arbitration case of AED 5,000 must be paid. This registration fee is a separate non-refundable fee and is not account when setting the advance on cost for an arbitration.



2. How to make payment?


A payment can be made via


   i) bank cheque, acceptable in the UAE, and payable to DIAC;

      See location of our office here;

      Cheques should be sent to:

      Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC)

      Dubai Chamber Bldg - 14th Floor

      PO Box 1457, Dubai, UAE

      Tel : +971 4 2028343


   ii) Credit/Debit Card or Dubai Chamber prepaid Card



   iii) bank trasfer

       Address to : Dubai International Arbitration Centre/DIAC

       Bank Name : Emirates NBD

       Address : Main Office, Dubai, UAE

       Account Nos : 1012294032401

       IBAN : AE080260001012294032401
       Note: "Your Name & Arbitration Case Number"


- All payments should be made in United Arab Dirham
- All payments should be made in full and drawn in favour of the DIAC
- Should be toll free of all charges at both the paying bank and its overseas correspondent
- All cash paments should be made in person at the Centre.



3. Which documents must be submitted to commence an arbitration?


Please read carefully Article 4 of the Rules. All documents must be submitted to the centre in sufficient number of hard copies for each participant in the proceedings. 




4. What is a 'Request for Arbitration'?


A 'Request for Arbitration' is the written position of your case as required in Article 4 of the Rules.


Mostly importantly, it describes the nature and circumtances of your dispute. It is the first document which lays down the general framework of the arbitration and the relief which you are seeking to obtain. A well organized, precise and thoroughly supported Request for Arbitration may also help to expedite the proceedings and anticipate its complexity. A request for arbitration may contain a chronolgy of events leading to the conflict, statement of relief, reference to the evidence you rely in, clearly indicated and numbered exhibits.


If your claim is of a smaller value and/or straightforward nature, a Request for Arbitration can be prepared in a brief but comprehensive way which may set out your entire case. Generally, such a Request for Arbitration may enabale the opposite side to make a similarly comprehensive Answer to the Request. When required, these two documents may serve sufficient ground for an arbitrator to have a full understanding of the parties' dispute right from the start without a need for additional meetings in person or requests for additional documentation and proceed with the rapid adjudication. Good organization of your position in turn helps you save time and costs on legal defense and plan the strategy ahead.




5. I have registered the case. What is next?


Once you have paid the registration fee and submitted the Request for Arbitration, the DIAC will get in touch with you via official correspondences. Any communication from then on must be copied and made known to all participants of the proceedings. Failure to do so may lead to an udesirable 'ex parte' communication, which may jeopardice the integrity of the entire proceedings as well as the final award.




6. How are costs calculated?


To calculate the estimate of costs of an arbitration please visit the DIAC Cost Calculator.  As you may see, the costs largely depend on the amount in dispute and the number of arbitrators. 




7. Does the DIAC provide a list of Arbitrator?


The choice of arbitrators is not restricted to any specified pool of candidates. The requirements applicable to the candidates are contained in Article 9.1.


Please note that the DIAC does not provide a List of Arbitrators to its users.  



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